101 Non-Review Book Blog Post Ideas

Ever get bloggers block?  Been in a reading slump and now you have no reviews to post?  Or just looking for something new for your blog?

Well, here are 101 ideas for non-review posts:

  1. Cover reveal
  2. Book haul (books you purchased or library books)
  3. DNF
  4. Books on your TBR
  5. Books about to be released
  6. Links to bookish things you’ve found online that your readers might find interesting
  7. Books you’re looking forward to reading in general or during a certain season, holiday, etc.
  8. Your response to a bookish topic that’s in the news
  9. Books you put on hold at the library
  10. Memes and features (e.g. Top Ten Tuesday, Booking Through Thursday, Waiting on Wednesday, Friday Finds, etc.)
  11. Pictures of beautiful books or book covers you love
  12. A bookshelf tour
  13. An author interview
  14. Blog tour/hop
  15. Reading events (e.g. readalong or readathon)
  16. Kindle eBooks that are free on Amazon
  17. Book-related pictures: take your own, use Photoshop to modify one, etc.
  18. A bookish DIY project (e.g. making bookshelves, organizing your bookcase, repairing an old book, etc.)
  19. Make your own bookmark and blog about it
  20. Make a Kindle cover using an old book and blog about it
  21. A listing (or photo listing) of bookish things from Pinterest or Etsy
  22. Recommendations: if you liked this, you might also like…
  23. Gather information from your readers (do a survey or poll, find out what they’re reading, ask for feedback on your site, let your readers vote on a book for you to read)
  24. A tour of your local library
  25. A tour of your local bookstore
  26. Your favorite places to read
  27. Pictures of actors or actresses you imagine as your favorite characters
  28. An open letter to someone: an author, a book character, an actor about to portray a book character, etc.
  29. Your favorite quotes from books
  30. Your favorite quotes about books and/or reading
  31. Information about your local library or bookstore
  32. Explain your rating system
  33. A list of blogs similar to your that others might like
  34. Your favorite books and why you like them
  35. Authors you’d like to meet
  36. Books you’d like to see written
  37. Best and worst sequels
  38. Books you wish had a sequel
  39. A list of post ideas to help other bloggers
  40. Tips for staying organized while blogging
  41. Things that inspire you to read
  42. Things that remind you of a favorite book
  43. Create an imaginary book store of your own and write about it
  44. List your favorite book/reading forums
  45. Tell about a book you misjudged
  46. Tell about a book you couldn’t wait to read but ended up disappointing you
  47. List your favorite authors who are on Twitter or other social media
  48. Create your own reading challenge
  49. Review the film (or TV series) adaptation of a book you’ve read
  50. List the literary references from a movie or TV show
  51. Share some highlights from a recent book you read
  52. Your earliest memories of reading
  53. Create a video post
  54. Paint your nails using a design inspired by the book you’re currently reading
  55. Cook a dish or meal that you read about in a book
  56. Name all the books that were mentioned in a book you were reading
  57. Share your bookmark collection
  58. Link to your reading wishlist
  59. Try to dress like your favorite book cover
  60. A picture of your favorite actor/actress/singer reading a book
  61. Recommend some great bookish gifts for readers, librarians, etc.
  62. List some books you want your (future) children to read
  63. Explain your definition of a 5 star review
  64. Do a reading tag (e.g. The 7 Deadly Sins of Reading, Inside Out, The Sick/Ill Book Tag, Playing with Emotions Tag, Bookmarks Tag, Summer is Over Tag, 20 Books in 20 Words, A Quote Tag, Book Cover Tag, In Your Pants Tag, Crazy Book Buying Obsession, Library Tag)
  65. Create a challenge or riddle for your readers
  66. Share some bookish gifts you’ve received
  67. Suggest certain books for certain moods
  68. Literary characters you’d like to date
  69. Things to do for a bookish wedding
  70. Books you’ve seen people reading on public transit
  71. Books about or set in a place you love
  72. Ideas for a bookish tattoo if you were going to get one (Or, the story behind your bookish tattoo if you have one)
  73. Books you’d read if you started your own book club and any other details about your club (what you’d eat, drink, themes, etc.)
  74. A list of several literary characters classified by who you’d date, dump, and marry
  75. A link to an interview with some of your favorite authors
  76. Your favorite literary characters
  77. Your bookish/reading pet peeves
  78. Bookish things to do and places to go on a date with someone who loves reading and books
  79. Literary characters you’d like to dress up as for Halloween
  80. Your advice to book bloggers
  81. A giveaway
  82. Create your own bookish/reading meme or feature
  83. A list of authors you’ve met
  84. A review of your eReader and/or a comparison of a few you’ve tried
  85. Link to a book trailer or a trailer of an upcoming movie adapted from a book
  86. A story about how you learned to read
  87. Your favorite character (literary, movie, TV, comic, etc.) who loves reading
  88. Your book recommendations for people who don’t like reading
  89. Your collection of autographed books
  90. Your favorite opening lines of a book
  91. Your least favorite opening lines of a book
  92. Ask readers which books they previously enjoyed and then give them some more recommendations
  93. Create some book art
  94. Share a picture of your preferred reading nook
  95. Your take on book pirating
  96. Film or TV show adaptations of a book (e.g. best/worst, most anticipated, books you never want to adapted, books you wish would be adapted, etc.)
  97. An in-depth answer to a bookish question someone asked
  98. Things you’ve learned from reading certain books
  99. All the reasons you love books and reading
  100. Why you think reading is important
  101. Cool libraries and/or bookstores you’d love to visit

I hope this list was helpful or at least interesting to read.  If you don’t have a book blog many of these ideas can be adapted for your niche.

What other ideas do you have?  What kind of non-review posts do you most enjoy writing and reading about?  Any other book blogging tips or ideas you’d like me to write about? 

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