Book Blogger Appreciation: Day 5–Is It Over Already?

Book Blogger Appreciation Week LogoToday is the 5th and final day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. The blogging topic for today asks several questions: What did you get out of this week? What will you take with you in the future?

  • I’ve enjoyed simply being part of an event that’s so well-known and highly regarded in the book blogging community.  When I participate in bookish events like these that I’d heard about before or seen on other blogs, I really feel like I’m a part of the book blogging community.
  • In addition to just participating, I also got some great book recommendations thanks to all the day 4 postings.
  • And I found some cool new book blogs to follow which will lead to meeting other readers, getting even more great recommendations, and who knows what else the future holds!?

What were your favorite parts of this week?  If you haven’t participated in BBAW, has seeing all these posts made you want to do it the next time around?

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One Response to Book Blogger Appreciation: Day 5–Is It Over Already?

  1. leeswammes says:

    I really enjoyed “talking” to some new people and finding some new blogs!

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