Book Review: The Crecian Experience by Elle Lapraim

Book cover of The Crecian Experience by Elle LapraimThe Crecian Experience by Elle Lapraim (2011)
Goodreads Summary: This is the first installment in a trilogy of novellas about which species are allowed to become human and how that decision can change the destiny of all who seek it.

Elliot is a Crecian police officer, stationed on earth, in order to monitor the behavior of her own kind. Crecians have been allowed to live their last lifetime as a human, but something is going horribly wrong. Crecians are dying in large numbers, burned to death by their own life force.

Elliot must come to terms with the death of her own partner in order to discover who is killing her people and why. The more she learns about the human race, the more she realizes they have made a terrible mistake.

This short story is amazing!  I was drawn in by the science-fiction concept initially but once I started reading I was hooked and wanted to solve the mystery.  Turns out, the book itself is a mystery because it pretends to be science fiction but ends up having quite a bit to say about the human experience.  I was just blown away by this book and was so happily surprised to find it had so much depth.

Any book that really makes you look at yourself and re-consider your actions or inspires you to be a better person is a five-star read for me.  The people of Crete (Crecians) in this book are highly collectivistic, even sharing their thoughts with one another.  When they arrive on Earth some are surprised to find how individualistic everyone is and they feel lonely.

There is one powerful scene were a homeless man is upset and people standing at a nearby bus stop simply ignore him.  As the main character, Elliot observes this, she is shocked that no one will help him.  Because I was reading the book from her perspective, I couldn’t help but feel the same way.  And when I’m really honest with myself, I probably would have been one of those people at the bus stop, pretending the guy didn’t exist, simply because I felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, or even afraid of him.

So this book was quite eye-opening as to some of the flaws people have in the way they perceive others as a threat instead of regarding one another as part of the whole, human family.  There was a powerful quote from the book stating, “These humans let go of each other’s hands in order to reach for the stars.”

I absolutely loved this book because it made me think not only about the world but about myself and it challenged me to change my ways and become a better person.  What books have you read that have opened your eyes in a similar way?

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you read this book. I purchased it on Amazon for the Kindle but it seems to have disappeared from the store so I’m not sure if you’d be able to get a copy.  The summary suggests it will be a trilogy and I’m really hoping that’s the case because I’d love to read more.  Elle Lapraim has a few other books on Amazon Kindle for $0.99 so I’m eager to read more by this author.

My Rating: ★★★★★
Author Elle LapraimCheck out more about Elle Lapraim on her website, Facebook, or on Twitter.
Book cover of The Colors of Qua by Elle LapraimBook cover of Displaced by Elle LapraimBook cover of The Seamstress by Elle Lapraim
Her other works include The Colors of Qua, Displaced, and The Seamstress.

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