Booking Through Thursday: Sporting

Booking Through ThursdayBTT asked1. Do you read books about sports?  2. How about AT sporting events? (Kid’s soccer practice?)

My answer: I don’t really like to read books about sports, at least not fiction.  I’m a huge fan of figure skating so I adore books about real-life skaters (my top 5 books about figure skating can be found here).  But for some reason when I read fiction books about sport the writing is never really able to capture the sport aspect that I love so much.  Part of it I think is because the writers don’t actually do the sport, another is because it’s hard to write fast enough to describe sports that happen quickly.  And it’s boring to read a play by play of certain sports; it’s much more entertaining to just watch.

So, no, I don’t really enjoy fiction about sports, but non-fiction about athletes and their lives are particularly compelling to me.

As for reading at sporting events, if I’m bored somewhere of course I’ll bring a book along!  I haven’t been to many sporting events lately so this hasn’t been an issue.  But if I had to attend kid’s soccer practice, yes, I’d probably bring a book along!

What about you?  What sports do you love?  Are there any good books that capture the world of sports?

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