Book Review: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Book cover of You Can Heal Your Life by Louise HayYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (1984)
229 pages
Goodreads Summary: Louise L. Hay, bestselling author, is an internationally known leader in the self-help field. Her key message is: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” The author has a great deal of experience and firsthand information to share about healing, including how she cured herself after being diagnosed with cancer.

I’d been hearing about this book for quite a while and, having been interested in alternative modes of healing for a long time, really wanted to read it.  I wasn’t disappointed at all and really loved this book.  I even want to go back and re-read it to apply some of the techniques and try them out on myself.

Prior to reading this book I didn’t know much about Louise Hay other than that she was a pretty influential woman and started Hay House Publishing.  After reading this I felt like I got to know more about her.  I had no idea about her difficult childhood and how she stumbled into teaching and healing.  I also didn’t know she cured herself of cancer which I found impressive because she actually practices what she preaches.

I’ve always been drawn to alternative methods of healing and what I read in this book definitely resonated with me.  I feel like any illness can be healed and that a state of well-being is our body’s natural state.  I highly encourage anyone to read this book if they are interested in alternative healing or want to learn more about particular reasons behind challenges they have in their lives.

My Rating:  ★★★★★

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