Booking Through Thursday: Choosing

BTT askedWhat makes you choose the books you read?
Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations?

My answer: I choose books based on so many different factors.

Genre: There are certain genres that I usually avoid like young adult, fantasy, and historical fiction which I’ve found through experience just aren’t genres for me.  So unless a certain book has really high ratings, rave reviews, or the synopsis just seems like it will be a book for me, then usually I skip over these.  Other genres I lean toward are things like science fiction and non-fiction books about topics I enjoy.

Reviews and Ratings: I check out reviews from other bloggers with similar taste and I love perusing the ratings and reviews on Goodreads.

Certain Authors: I do have some favorite authors who I’ll usually read anything by.  However, sometimes certain books by them just don’t strike a chord with me, so I pass them up.  But based on past experience, I usually at least try them out first.

Covers: I love beautiful and unique book covers and while the usually catch my eye first, I don’t think I’ve ever read something based simply on its cover.  There are tons of books with gorgeous covers which I just know aren’t for me based on other factors.

Recommendations: I take all recommendations I receive into consideration and unless it’s a book someone I really trust told me about and raved about, usually I check other factors before just picking it up simply because of the recommendation.

Mood: This is a big one for me.  Some books which I would usually never pick up I’ll find myself in the mood for.  This is a huge reason why I never limit myself to genre or anything like that even though I do have preferences.  I never know what I’ll feel in the mood to read so I’m always open to different books.

What Can I Learn From This Book: This is something that has recently come up for me when choosing books, even fiction books.  If it’s a book about a person who’s overcome something I struggle with, then I want to read it and get new perspective on the issue.  Then if there’s a character going through something I’ve already dealt with, chances are I won’t be that interested in it or able to gain much since I’ve been there, done that.

Intuition: Lately I’ll have a stack of books and just feel guided to read a certain one.  This is also true of selecting books from my Goodreads TBR to read or check out from the library.  So I always listen to my intuition and pick up the book I feel most drawn toward at the time.

What about you?  How do you choose the books you read?  What factors come in?  Do you have a strict system to help you choose only the best books?  What tips can you offer?

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