Booking Through Thursday: Quantity or Quality?

BTT askedWhich is more important? Quality for your reading? Or quantity?

My answer: Definitely quality!  There’s no way I’d be able to read as much as I do if the books weren’t good.  My definition of quality through is uniquely my own and depends on my interests and mood.  If I’m not enjoying a book, I don’t finish reading it because I’d much rather move on to the book I won’t be able to put down.

On the other hand, I do love reading a lot.  And I get a lot of satisfaction from the quantity of books I read each year.  I enjoy trying to beat my previous amount and challenge myself to keep reading more and more.  Because of this sometimes I do feel pressure to read short little books that I can easily finish and add to my reading tally, but more often than not I recognize the urge and realize my ultimate goal is to enjoy what I read.

So enjoying what I read is most important and both quality and quantity factor into that. For the actual reading experience though, quality is definitely more important and contributes more to how much I enjoy reading.

What about you?  What do you define as a quality book?  Do you also get a thrill from reading a bunch of books each month/year?

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