Book Review: Soul Mates by Jeane Watier

Soul Mates by Jeane Watier (2013)
326 pages
Goodreads Summary: From different worlds, Jace Rutherford and Cassandra Van Broden are an improbable match, but add a sweetly eccentric, psychic old woman to the mix and anything is possible.

In a story of unlikely connections, a friendship ensues between Jace and his elderly neighbor after she hires him to drive her car. Lady Sophia Langdon then summons her grandniece, asking her to write down something of great importance. A chance meeting leaves the two young people at odds and has Cassandra questioning Jace’s motives in working for her wealthy aunt.

Cassandra is awed by her aunt’s gift to her—a series of universal truths, simple yet profound. Enriched by the wisdom and excited to share it with others, Cassandra is devastated when her beloved aunt passes away before conveying the final truth. Jace, too, is shaken by Sophie’s sudden passing. Her advice has helped him immensely, and he finds it comforting to replay their conversations in his head. But when those conversations take on a whole new dimension, he discovers that the power of a soul connection can defy the boundaries of this time-space reality.

This book falls into a genre that I’ve never encountered before as it’s spiritual fiction dealing with the Law of Attraction.  I’ve been reading spiritual books and learning about LoA for a long time now so when I found this author who writes this genre, I jumped at the chance to read it.

Soul Mates is the story of a young man named Jace who is poor and struggles to make ends meet.  He disdains the wealthy and is quite negative, trying to make ends meet, and not knowing how to turn his life around after giving up his dreams to support his mother after his father died.

One day he meeds Cassandra who is from a wealthy family.  They immediately judge one another based on their social status and don’t get along that well.  In the meantime, Cassandra’s aunt Sophia, who lives in Jace’s building, begins teaching them both about Law of Attraction, how to live a life of joy and purpose, how to manifest their desires, and how everyone is connected no matter their external circumstances.

Through a series of events they slowly learn more about each other, begin using what Sophia taught them, and changes start happening which cause their lives to improve. I really liked the book because of its uniqueness and because it reminded me of principles I’ve studied but have forgotten to apply in my own life.

The writing isn’t the best and the story doesn’t have a ton of depth and you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen, but I still really liked it and would like to read the other books by the author.  I’d recommend it for anyone looking for unique fiction and especially those interested in spiritual fiction and Law of Attraction.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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