Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic is Top 10 Book Turn Offs You Encounter While Reading. This topic is similar to one I did in July called Bookish Turn-Offs in which I listed things that make me not want to pick up a book.  So this time around I’ll list things that I find in books after I pick them up and actually start reading.

1. Incompetent adults.  This happens in YA books and I can understand it somewhat because I remember being that age and thinking I knew everything.  But now when I read as an adult, it just seems unrealistic and pulls me out of the story.

2. Male leads who treat women like crap while claiming to love them.  For example, a guy who manipulates or lies to you, but does it “for your own good” or to protect you.

3. Whiny characters who are negative and self-deprecating.  This occurs in a lot of chick lit where women complain about any number of things from their job, their boyfriend (or lack of one), appearance, hair, weight, money, etc.

4. Unnecessary use of violence or gore.  When it’s used to make a good point, progress the story, set the mood, or for some other reason, that’s fine.  But when it’s just gratuitous or at least feels that way, I’m inclined to stop reading.

5. Modern references which will later date the book.  I enjoy reading books which are contemporary and relevant.  Yet when I come across pop culture references, it instantly pulls me out of the world of the book and makes me 1) happy I read it soon enough to get the reference and 2) realize that people reading years from now might not enjoy the book as much.

6. No quotation marks for dialogue.  Sometimes this is so annoying and hard to keep track of who’s saying what and when.  I’ll stick with a book if it has other redeeming factors, but in general don’t like this.

7. I don’t care about the characters.  I’m not sure what exactly it is that makes me feel bored when reading or not care what happens next to a character.  But if I just can’t get into a story or care about the outcome, usually I’ll stop reading.

8. Books that jump around from different character perspectives.  This is especially annoying when you really like a character and then their narrative just stops and you have to put up with other characters.

9. Authors trying to hard to make characters sound young and/or hip.  When characters use slang that no one really uses it doesn’t add to the realism of the books.  Plus, writing children who don’t talk like any children I’ve known, and I’ve known a lot.

10. Tons of information and pointless details or descriptions.  This is one reason I shy away from historical fiction.  If I wanted a history lesson or pages on end describing the countryside, I’d read a non-fiction book or textbook.

So that’s my list.  Do any of those things bother you while reading?  Will any of them make you DNF a book?  Share your list in the comments below!

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