2014 Reading Goals

I’m a very laid back reader and book blogger.  I read what I want, don’t accept review copies, post whenever I want, and pretty much just do what I do for fun.  So I don’t usually join challenges or set a bunch of reading goals, much less keep a strict TBR.

After being totally chill last year, I decided I’d like to set a few bookish goals for this year and see how it goes.  Of course, if it’s not fun anymore, then I’ll just abandon them and move on to something more enjoyable.

So here are some loose goals I’m setting for myself:
1. Read more fiction: I’ve compiled a list of 100 books which I really want to read so I’ll primarily be drawing from that.  Last year 50% of my books were fiction and I feel like I missed a lot of cool novels.
2. Read the books I already have/own: I don’t usually buy books at all.  But I do have a few I’ve purchased, others that were gifted to me, and even a few I’ve borrowed from friends.  I’d like to get them all read this year because I usually sideline them in favor of library books which have return deadlines.
3. Re-read some books: I probably have about 7 books I’d like to re-read which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

4. Keep better track of my reading stats: I love tracking and charting my reading almost as much as I love reading.  Right now I have a crazy system for tracking my books and organizing my stats.  But it could definitely be more streamlined and help me put together end of month posts if I kept everything in one easy place.  I’ve already put something together to help so I’ll just have to test it and tweak it to see if it works.
5. Be more picky about the books I add to my TBR: Whenever I see a book that catches my eye, I immediately add it to a bookshelf on Goodreads.  I narrowed my 2012 shelf down to 52 but I’ve currently got 229 on the 2013 ones.  I know I don’t want to read all of them, so why did I add them?  My goal is to be more discriminating this year so I don’t get overwhelmed by books.
6. Read more books published in 2014: This has been something I keep in mind nearly every year.  I love reading books when they come out and participating in discussions and feeling a part of the reading community.  In 2012 I read 23 books released that year, and only 24 in 2013.  Needless to say I’ll be going back and reading a bunch of “old” 2013 releases this year too.
7. Try some short stories: I don’t know why I don’t pick up short stories or find them appealing.  I want to demystify them and actually try some so they don’t intimidate me or put me off anymore.
8. Read more science fiction: I absolutely love science fiction.  Yet somehow I rarely find myself reading it.  Then, when I do pick it up, I wonder why I don’t read more of it. This kind of goes along with #1, but yeah, definitely more science fiction this year.
9. Listen to some audiobooks: Like short stories, I also shy away from audiobooks. I know they’re not my favorite, but I also know some books are great on audio.  And I drive 3 hours both ways every time I visit my mom, so that’s a lot of time I could be spending listening to interesting stuff.
10. Read more international/translated fiction: Like science fiction, this is another genre I really love.  I enjoy discovering new authors and reading books set in unique locals with different characters and ways of looking at the world.  Yet somehow I manage to overlook these books.  So I’m purposing to find some more and read them this year.

What are your 2014 goals?  Do you like setting reading goals?  Got any recommendations for short stories or books that are amazing on audio?

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