RAWvolution by Matt Amsden

RAWvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine by Matt Amsden (2006)

224 pages

Goodreads Summary: Following a vegan, raw foods diet does not mean you have to give up your favorite delicacies or condemn yourself to a life of celery and carrot sticks. As renowned raw foods chef Matt Amsden reveals in this vibrant, inspiring book, raw cuisine represents the discovery and innovative use of luscious natural ingredients. From imaginative new dishes such as cactus salad, onion bread, and spirulina pie, to tantalizing variations on everything from pizza, tacos, and cookies, to the signature “Big Matt with Cheese,” Amsden’s mouthwatering recipes feature soups, sauces, salads, appetizers, entrees, and even desserts. More than a cookbook, RAWvolution is the indispensable, all-inclusive guide to the many powerful benefits of raw food. Beginning with his personal account of “How I Went Raw,” Amsden shares essential advice, information, and encouragement for adopting a raw foods lifestyle. His delectable recipes are organized by type, level of difficulty, and what equipment, if any, is necessary in their creation. Accessible to both beginners and experienced cooks, RAWvolution addresses everyone from vegetarians who want to take the next step in natural cuisine, to those who simply want to diversify and improve their everyday diet. There has never been a more important time to incorporate raw foods into your lifestyle. Raw, vegan cuisine is making news daily, providing healthy and nutritious alternatives that are changing lives. Best of all, raw food can be delicious. There is no need to sacrifice flavor for bland and boring “health” food. Enliven your senses and taste buds instead with rich, living cuisine.

My mom has started eating raw foods which got me interested in it so I did some searching and found this book at my library.  It’s mostly recipes with a little bit on the author’s story of how he went raw and why eating raw food is good for you.

I was really surprised to find this information about raw food which I’ve always heard is great, but never understood why.  I didn’t know heat killed so many nutrients and enzymes.  I was especially fascinated with the part about water.  Apparently when you cook food, the steam rising up is water leaving.  So our food doesn’t contain water which then dehydrates our body, our body has to use water to digest it, etc.  And because our body is made up primarily of water, we need water.

When I did start eating more raw food, especially smoothies, I realized I was rarely thirsty even though I didn’t drink a lot of water.  So I’m sure there’s something to this.  And many people hear you should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, but this is only necessary if you are cooking your food.

The recipes in this book are quite creative and unique.  Some of them require more equipment than what is found in the average kitchen, such as a food dehydrator. I found the desserts to be easiest to make and did make some from the book which turned out really well and were very delicious.

I haven’t read enough other raw cookbooks to compare this one, but I like the informational aspect, the uniqueness of the recipes, the beautiful pictures, and I might try some more of the recipes in the future.  I’m not committing to a primarily raw diet, but I now have a new perspective and am making an effort to eat more raw foods whenever possible.

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