December 2013 Monthly Reading Summary

Total Books: 18
Fiction: 9
Non-Fiction: 9
Total Pages: 2,213
Male Authors: 15
Female Authors: 1
Both Male and Female Authors: 1
New Authors: 12 (13 one of the authors of a pair)
Favorite Book(s): Awareness, The Last Free Cat, The Martian
Least Favorite Book(s): None that I didn’t enjoy.

Total Pages to Date: 29,649
Total Books to Date: 130

This is just a quick recap of my monthly reading in December 2013 now that I’ve finally reviewed most of the books I read then.  I read a lot of short, holiday books and some children’s books and I loved incorporating that into my reading at last.  So yeah, a great month, a wonderful way of ending the year, tons of great books read, etc.

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