How Much My Library Saved Me

Last year I did a post on how much money I saved from going to the library versus buying books.  In 2013 I read 92 library books, 70% of all the books I read this year.  So, I did a little math and found out, had I bought all those books, they would have cost approximately…$1,185.77.

I don’t buy a lot of books so I’m not sure what the average person spends per year on books.  I know I read more books than usual so my figures aren’t going to reflect the majority of people who purchase books.  I did some Googling and tried to find out if there was information out there about money spent on books but couldn’t find much concrete information.

If you purchase books, how much do you usually spend on them each year?  Do you have a book budget?  Or are you like me and get most of your books from the library?

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