Booking Through Thursday: Fanfiction

I don’t think I’ve done a Booking Through Thursday at all this year and, because I’m in a bit of a reading/blogging slump right now yet want to keep my blog going, I thought it’d be the perfect post for today.  Here’s this week’s question:

BTT asked:  What do you think of fanfiction? In general—do you think it’s a fun thing or a trespass on an author/producer’s world? And of course, obviously specific authors have very firm and very differing opinions about this, yet it’s getting more popular and more mainstream all the time. Do you ever read or write it yourself?

My answer:  To be perfectly honest I don’t know that much about fanfiction so the overall impression I have is somewhat negative.  When I heard the word fanfiction I think of people so obsessed with a work of fiction that they spend all their time thinking about the characters and the world, then writing tons of stories involving said characters.  So there is that sense that these people don’t really have a life and would prefer to live in an imaginary world.

Now, I know that’s not necessarily the truth of it or it may be a very small minority.  But, because I don’t read fanfiction or really know anyone who can explain it to me, that’s the impression I have.

On the other hand, I do know what it’s like to get totally sucked into a book (or series of books), TV show, movie, or just become obsessed with certain things or people to the extent that you just want to live in that world and you go through withdrawal every time you have to close the book/turn off the TV.  So I can definitely relate to people who want to keep the magic going by writing fanfiction.

When I was younger I was super obsessed with figure skating and used to write little stories about the skaters.  So I guess that counts as fanfiction.  But I haven’t done that in ages and I haven’t read any fanfiction either.  I don’t think I ever would unless I got super obsessed.  But I’m somewhat of a purist and only want to read what the author has put on the page, nothing else.

As far as it being a trespass on the author or producer’s work, I don’t think it really is. If a book is published then it’s open to the public to read, discuss, and interpret in any way they like.  In fact, I think it’s a complement to the author because it shows how much they captured the hearts of the readers and made them get so immersed in the world and inspired to write more.

Ultimately, I do have somewhat of an understanding of fanfiction.  But at the same time I don’t fully get the appeal of reading it.  If you read or write fanfiction, I’d love to hear your perspectives on it.  To see more answers to this week’s Booking Through Thursday, click here.

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