January and February 2014 Monthly Reading Summaries

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump (and perhaps a bit of a reading one too) but, before I manage to fall too far behind, here is my belated recap of January and February:

January Summary
Total Books Read: 9
Fiction: 6
Non-Fiction: 3
Total Pages: 2,692
Male Authors: 6
Female Authors: 3
International (Non-US Born) Authors: 5
New Authors: 3
Favorite Book(s): Lexicon by  Max Barry

Total Pages to Date: 2,692
Total Books to Date: 9

January was an awesome reading month!  I read so many excellent books and really enjoyed pretty much everything I read.  I also got in one re-read and read quite a bit by international authors which was one of my goals this year.  I have to say that I also read all of this between 1 January and 19  January which is when I left for my trip to India.  After that it was pretty much downhill from there and I didn’t read (or at least finish) anything the rest of the month.

February Summary
Total Books Read: 11
Fiction: 9
Non-Fiction: 2
Total Pages: 975
Male Authors: 9
Female Authors: 1
Male & Female Authors: 1
International (Non-US Born) Authors: 2
New Authors: 3
Favorite Book(s): Velvet series and Five Point Someone (haven’t reviewed yet)

Total Pages to Date: 3,667
Total Books to Date: 20

February wasn’t a very productive reading month.  Even though it says I read 11 books, all but 3 were graphic novels and very short ones at that, hence the <1,000 pages read.  Most of those were light reading that I read on the plane ride home.  Then I read a bit when I got home but that was about it.  I’m hoping to start reading more fiction and novels in the upcoming months.  I’m not caught up on reviews so if you’re curious about what exactly I read, click here for the entire list.

How were the first two months of the year for you?  Do you usually get in a reading slump when you travel or first return home?

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