March 2014 Monthly Reading Summary

Total Books: 25
Adult Full-Length Novels: 2
Picture Books: 5
Graphic Novels: 7
Non-Fiction: 7
Total Pages: 2,879
Male Authors: 15
Female Authors: 9
Male & Female Authors: 1
International Authors: 11
New Authors: 21
Favorite Book(s): The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, Archetype, Griffin & Sabine

Total Pages to Date: 6,546
Total Books to Date: 48

Once again I’ve read a lot of books but not many of them were full-length novels. At the end of February I said I wanted to read more novels and I did read 2 this month, which is one more than last month, so that’s moving in the right direction!

This month I read a lot of short books, graphic novels, and even some children’s books. I got a lot of books read from my TBR which I knew would be quick and easy because that’s what I needed at the time. Maybe after this month I’ll transition into even more fiction in April.  I’ve also started catching up on all my reviews so that’s another goal I have for next month.

How was your March in reading?  Did you meet your reading goals?  What would you like to read more of in April?

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