From the Mating Dance to the Cosmic Dance by Swami Sivananda Radha

Cosmic DanceFrom the Mating Dance to the Cosmic Dance: Sex, Love, and Marriage from a Yogic Perspective by Swami Sivananda Radha (1994)

181 pages

Goodreads Summary: What part do love and marriage play in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment? Do the bonds of love, sex, and marriage preclude achieving spiritual liberation? In a daring and ground-breaking book, Swami Radha addresses many of the fundamental questions of relationships. She invites readers to inquire into the purpose of life and to explore the mating dance, often mistaken for love, as well as the cosmic dance—that ultimate potential that is available to anyone willing to go in search of it.

With the accumulated wisdom of years of doing spiritual practice and leading workshops with individuals and couples, she illuminates a path for those seeking a purpose and direction in life. Ultimately, she says, the path of spiritual evolution must be traveled alone, and the intimacy of love, sex and marriage can profoundly affect the journey’s progress. With an approach that is pragmatic and down-to-earth, Swami Radha discusses how intimate relationships can further one’s efforts to attain a higher, cosmic consciousness or, conversely, impede the struggle.

I saw this book on the shelf at my local library and it sounded so interesting I just had to check it out.  Since returning from India I’ve become interested more in Hinduism and yoga and how ancient spiritual principles relate to ordinary life.  There aren’t many books about spirituality and relationships or sex so when I come across one, I like to read it and broaden my perspectives.

Unfortunately I didn’t find this one to be all that interesting or really clear and I think it’s a bit dated.  There were various chapters on different stages of a relationship from dating to marriage and even divorce.  The author discussed ways to bring spirituality into a relationship and make sure your relationship is aligned with higher principles to ensure its success.

She also discussed celibacy and why it might come into play.  But she doesn’t advocate it or say that it’s for everyone.  There were also some excerpts from people who had attended workshops by the author and they shared their experiences about how their relationships deepened and changed due to their new spiritual insights.

I didn’t find much of the information to be really relevant to me in my own life or relationship but it did give me food for thought and some interesting perspectives to consider.  Still, I wasn’t inspired to make any changes or adapt anything new as I have been by other books I’ve read which really were life-changing.  Yet I’m glad I read it and if you’re interested in this topic then this might be a book for you as I’ve yet to come across any really outstanding books on this subject.

My Rating: 3 stars

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