Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey by Camaren Subhiyah

15825744Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey: A Parody of Downton Abbey by Camaren Subhiyah (2013)

128 pages
Goodreads Summary: The hit series Downton Abbey, upon which this parody graphic novel is based, has been nominated for 16 Emmy Awards in 2012, including an acting nomination for Brendan Coyle, who plays valet John Bates (a.k.a. Agent Gates). Our book will release in January 2013, in time for the premiere of season 3 in the U.S.While the Granville family dutifully entertain their guests at Devonton Abbey, an ace team of Secret Service agents camp out as unsuspecting household staff, protecting the Royal Crown and her citizens from impending world war.

Who is aware of the international intrigue concealed below stairs? Will Agent Gates save Britain from her enemies while ensuring Devonton Abbey’s reputation is upheld? Will Lady Margaret secure a proposal from Martin Crawhill, the heir to the estate? Will Thompson and O’Malley ever get lung cancer?

I’m totally hooked on Downton Abbey and love reading books about how the show was created.  I’ve also seen some parodies of the show popping up in book form and of course have to get my hands on those as well!  This one I had never heard of until I stumbled upon it while browsing Goodreads.

Luckily my library had a copy and I quickly checked it out and then devoured it.  It’s a graphic novel parody of Downton Abbey in which quite a few members of the staff are really secret agents.  Their names are changed but the drawings of the characters are identical to the actors on the TV shows.  It was also written in exactly the way the characters speak and I could hear their voices and accents as I was reading.

Basically this is just a fun, somewhat silly, read that anyone who is a fan of Downton Abbey can enjoy.  It was quite funny, unique, quirky, and just tons of fun to read.  If you don’t watch Downton Abbey, then all of it will probably be lost on you.  But if you love the show, I’m sure you’ll love this book!  It would also make a great present for anyone who enjoys the show and has already read all the other more mainstream, behind-the-scenes books out there.

My Rating: 4 Stars

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