Before We Leave You by Patricia Cori

9358591Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings by Patricia Cori (2011)

212 pages

Goodreads Summary: What if whales and dolphins truly do have a superior intellect, as many believe, and can speak to the human race? What would their message be? In November 2008, gifted clairvoyant Patricia Cori was in Jordan teaching a workshop when a life-changing event occurred. A community of Cetaceans—“a choir of whales and dolphins,” as she describes it—interrupted her talk with a frantic plea for help. Cori was suddenly witness to a devastating scene of suffering, a communal grieving of scores of whales and dolphins “frenzied, lost, and dying.” This was the first of several terrifying calls for help, all of which were immediately followed by mass suicide events as these majestic creatures collectively chose to leave us and our planet. 
These troubling incidents evolved into the stream of messages for humanity that Cori reveals in this extremely timely work. The whales and dolphins present their deep understanding of our urgent global situation, calling for the human race to restore balance to our ecosystems—especially our dying oceans. For the first time, we read the communications of the Cetaceans and their story of devotion and celebration of life on the Great Planet Earth. We are also given a glimpse of their role in the unfolding of galactic events throughout our solar system, and the message is clear: We must wake up and realize that our continued abuse of the environment is altering the course of Gaia’s progression to the next dimension. Without the whale and dolphin song—without these musicians who hold the oceans in balance—we risk our advancement through the ascension process for which our entire solar system is destined. Before We Leave You is a roadmap to that higher future and a pathway to global transformation. 

I’ve been curious to know more about animals of the ocean, especially whales and dolphins.  There’s one book on this topic in particular I’d love to get my hands on, Ripple by Tui Allen, but haven’t been able to locate a copy at my library.  When I came across this one and saw my library had just ordered a copy, I immediately reserved it.

In the book the author talks about how she was contacted by the consciousness of the water beings and the messages they shared about their importance to our planet.  The book was overall a lot drier than I had expected.  She shared a lot of background and random information and experiences before actually speaking about the importance of the whales and dolphins.

I was expecting something like questions and answers, or little snippets of fascinating information.  Instead I had to force myself to keep reading to get to the parts I was anticipating.  And to be honest, I don’t think I really grasped that much after reading it.  I think the book could have been a lot clearer and made it’s point much better if it had just stuck to information and presented it in an easy to read way.

Still, I was really affected by this book because of some of the information.  I love water animals like dolphins and whales and find them fascinating.  But I had no idea of the greater purpose they serve.  Apparently their songs and sounds are encoded with vibrations that help balance out the earth and contribute to the health of our planet.

I also had no idea just how damaging the things that we do in and near the water is to these creatures.  And I don’t follow the news so I had no idea so many whales and dolphins were “committing suicide” by beaching themselves because they found conditions in the oceans so intolerable.

Reading this book really gave me a new appreciation for these animals and made me realize the importance of helping them and preserving our oceans.  I wish the author had included more resources of how to get involved and make a difference.  I did find myself looking up some organizations and taking actions to educate myself, get more involved, and spread the message about the importance of the oceans and the need to take care of the water as it is home to so many important animals.

I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in a deeper understanding of whales and dolphins.  It isn’t a perfect book but it is one of the few I’ve found on the subject, so if you’re interested, this book might be one you’ll enjoy reading.

My Rating: 3 Stars

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