7 Reasons Why a Bed Headboard Reading Light is a Bookworm’s BFF

Bed headboard reading lights have been around for a long while. Probably since we invented electric light bulbs and our lights become much less of a fire hazard than, say a candle or a light fueled with oil.

However, to many of us bookworms who don’t care so much about bulbs and screws, it’s still somewhat a…foreign object. We’re much more familiar with other types of lights for reading, such as bedside table lamps or floor lamps.

But guest what, bed headboard reading lights can be much more than just another light you can read with. Once you got a good one, you will keep wondering how you ever managed without one!

I can’t list enough reasons why a bed headboard reading light is your best friend. However, these are the ones that come into my mind first.

1. Because bed is paradise

I mean, who doesn’t like reading in bed?

bed headboard reading light

Most bookworms I know are librocubicularists. (If you don’t know the word, a librocubicularist is someone who reads in bed). And I can’t blame them.

After a long long day, you deserve some minutes – which usually end up being hours – in serenity, reading your favorite book. In your comfortable nightclothes. With all the cushy pillows and the comfy bed rest and the warm blanket. And maybe a hug from the bedmate.

And that’s why you need a light to accommodate that. One right there on your bed to serve your read.

2. It shines over your shoulders

You want even light on your book.

When you lay or sit in bed, usually book faces the bed headboard. While a bedside table lamp works just fine in offering you enough light to read, you will have to sit in a slightly odd position in order to get even light on the pages. That could get you tired more quickly and cause back problem in the long term.

A bed headboard reading light, meanwhile, shine from the headboard over your shoulders while you sit or lie to read. Pick one that is flexible, and you can direct the light to the exact angle you want.

That allows you to read in the position you’re most comfortable with. It also minimizes your fidgeting, and thus preventing disturbing your partner.

3. It illuminates on your book, not the whole room

You love to read, but you also need to be able to fall asleep afterwards. You want light, but not too much. If the whole room is kept bright, it will be very hard for you to doze off.

A small headboard reading light illuminates on your book without disturbing your bedmate

A small headboard reading light shines on your book, but is not enough to light up your whole bedroom. It keeps your surrounding dim, preparing you for a sleep. While not as effective as a book light, a headboard light is most of the time small enough not to disturb your bedmate. It also shines from over your head instead of the direction where your eyes get direct contact with the light, which helps.

4. You don’t have to get up to turn off the light

I was sold on this reason alone.

Don’t you hate it when you have to get up and off from your bed and your warm blanket just to turn the light off? After the read, you’re most likely  already half asleep! The last thing you want is a walk to the switch.

Just make sure you get the one with a switch right on it or on the part of the cord that will be exposed to you. If you have a wall switch, make sure to place it right within your reach when you’re reading in bed.

5. Handy when you’re afraid of ghosts

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think often of ghosts, even in this Halloween season.

However, after I read a ghost story, I feel the need to keep some light on. Many other bookworms have also admitted to me that they do the same. Don’t judge.

The headboard light is always my choice, because it provides enough light for me to see if there’s ever something unusual in my room, and hopefully to scare that unusual thing away. However, the light is dim enough for me to fall asleep once the fear loses to the sleepiness.

If I happen to be awoken midnight during a nightmare, I won’t freak out in darkness.

6. More space for your books and coffee

A bed headboard reading light is one that is installed, hung, or clip onto your bed headboard. It means there are no clamps or lamp base on your bedside tables.

It’d look so much more compact. And when you need it, you have space for you books, your coffee mug, some inspirational life quotes, or other decorative items.

7. A bed headboard reading light can augment your bedroom

A bed headboard reading light can create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom

While headboard reading lamps are designed with a focus on their functionality, they can actually augment your room and create the mood for your reading or other bedtime activities. They come in various shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to pick one that goes with your bedroom decors.

Most headboard lights come in right warm white (light color temperature about 2700K to 3200K). The light can create a relaxing, cozy, trusting atmosphere in your bedroom.  That’s not only elevates the mood for your night read, but also helps prepare you for a deep, peaceful sleep.

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